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Set in a perfectly ordinary, past-its-best English seaside town. Except why has everyone there been turned to stone?  Two seriously out-of-their-depth police officers uncover the strange tale of what happened when middle-aged and romantically disappointed hairdresser Marjorie Briggs found something in a polythene bag on the beach that didn’t belong there, something ancient and terrible – something with the power to seriously muck up the lives of Marjorie and all those she loves and hates, as surreal comedy shifts towards a very strange sort of Greek tragedy….


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Benjamin Alire Sáenz is a prolific writer and master of many genres, his books include the novel Carry Me Like Water, the young adult book Sammy & Juliana in Hollywood, and the poetry collection Dark and Perfect Angels.  Named one of 2010’s “Fifty of the Most Inspiring Authors in the World” by Poets & Writers magazine, Sáenz studied philosophy and theology and was a Wallace E. Stegner fellow in poetry at Stanford University. Born in Old Picacho, New Mexico in 1954, Sáenz has been a member of the faculty at the University of Texas at El Paso since 1992.


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“Nothing Personal: The Dark Room Collective Reunion Tour” with Natasha Trethewey, Major Jackson, Thomas Sayers Ellis, John Keene, Tisa Bryant, Sharan Strange, and saxophonist James Brandon Lewis. The Dark Room Collective was formed in 1988 in Boston by a group of young African American poets as a means of providing community to both established and emerging writers in the form of a reading series. This 25th Anniversary event with nearly all of the original founding members marks the end of the group’s reunion tour


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Here at Audiobook Radio we are keen to provide a range of voices – very literally as well as in terms of opinions and views of the world. This strand created by Alternative Radio does just that. We will hear from some of the most informed minds and greatest social activists of our time whose take on justice and power does not chime with those that hold the power and don’t provide justice for all so we rarely get to hear from them in mainstream media. Different opinions always help inform our own and we are always eager to hear from listeners about this or any other strand. Contact us on the tab at

Today’s talk is by Tim Flannery of Australia is a major voice in chronicling the effects of climate change and proposing solutions. He has taught at the University of Adelaide and Harvard and was Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum. He is a Professional Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis


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The very name summons up something of grandeur and eloquence – and it was. Hosted by Laurence Olivier these big name productions – also including the acting talents of Sir John Gielgud, Orson Welles and Robert Morley – were based on works by the world’s leading authors – Charles Dickens, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov and Robert Louis Stevenson are but a few of whose company we shall be keeping.  Today we raise the curtain on a play based on a Graham Greene story called When Greek Meets Greek introduced and starring SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES featuring BASIL RATHBONE and NIGEL BRUCE in more of these timeless classic adventures.


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ABR welcomes Publisher’s Weekly, an authority on all things books & publishing for a look at the current bestseller’s list in the US, an interview with a successful author as well as forthcoming news for the week ahead. Their podcast is presented by Rose Fox and Mark Rotella.


We asked the same five questions to a range of writers – today it’s poet and writer James Knight whose recent work can be read on his Twitter account @badbadpoet


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Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as a go to place for entertainment and has been for decades. We take you back in time as The Hollywood ringmaster himself, CECIL B DE MILLE unveils…Madame Butterfly starring CARY GRANT and GRACE MOORE


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This comes to you courtesy of Miniature Masterpieces who have an excellent range of quality short stories from the masters of the craft.  Do search for Miniature Masterpieces at any digital store for further information.  This hour opens with H P Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model followed by the prolific short story writer A M Burrage with The Witch of Oxshott.  Both are read by the brilliant actor and voice over master, Richard Mitchley.