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THE CLEANSED – Season Two Episode 12 THE LIGHT

In Season One, set in the mid-21st century, fuel was running out, food was scarce, Acts of God – and humans – took down the grid and everything else. Civilisation ground to a halt. And then things got really bad.  But they survived.

And now in Season Two of the epic apocalyptic drama our motley band of heroes is traveling a treacherous river, but nature is only the beginning of the challenges they will face because in the shadows of the City of Corinth, a great evil has unlocked the secret to controlling the minds of millions: fear and violence.

The Production company, Final Rune, is centered on the award laden multi-talented Fred Greenhaigh who not only writes, produces and directs “The Cleanse” but much else besides. Plus he has a talented cast and crew who give it their all so your ears are in for a treat.  Check everything out at Final Rune.com


This riveting play is brought to us by courtesy of the Bunbury Banter Theatre Company who have been creating brilliant productions since 2006.  They were born from a desire to make theatre accessible to all regardless of personal, physical, social or financial hardship and all their work has strong leanings in that direction whether it is choosing to air work online or the scholarships offered and their  educational work. Check out their website for further info : http://www.bunbanter.com/


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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie burst onto the literary scene with her remarkable debut novel, Purple Hibiscus, hailed by critics as “one of the best novels to come out of Africa in years” (Baltimore Sun), with “prose as lush as the Nigerian landscape that it powerfully evokes” (The Boston Globe).   Her award-winning second novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, illuminates a seminal moment in African history: Biafra’s struggle to establish an independent republic in southeastern Nigeria during the late 1960s and won further international acclaim including that of Chinua Achebe.  She continues to write including That Thing Around Your Neck and Americanah dividing  her time between the United States and Nigeria.  Here she reads extracts from her work and talks to Binyavanga Wainaina.


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Poetry is often cited as our greatest use of words. The English language has well over a million and poets down the ages seem, at times, to make use of every single one. But often they use them in simple ways to describe anything and everything from landscapes to all aspects of the human condition. Poems can evoke within us an individual response that takes us by surprise; that opens our eyes and ears to very personal feelings.  Forget the idea of classic poetry being somehow dull and boring and best kept to school textbooks. It still has life, vibrancy and relevance to our lives today. In this hour we’ll be listening to poets of the quality and breadth of Lord Byron, Lewis Carroll and Samuel Taylor Coleridge and themes including Father’s Day and 4th July. Vol10

All of them are from a dedicated poetry publisher – Portable Poetry who believe that poetry should be a part of our everyday lives, uplifting the soul & reaching the parts that other things can’t. Their range of audiobooks and ebooks cover volumes on some of our greatest poets to anthologies of seasons, months, places and a range of themes. Check them out on your usual digital store or deadtreepublishing.com. That’s Portable Poetry – poetry that carries you through!


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Here at Audiobook Radio we are keen to provide a range of voices – very literally as well as in terms of opinions and views of the world. This strand created by Alternative Radio does just that. We will hear from some of the most informed minds and greatest social activists of our time whose take on justice and power does not chime with those that hold the power and don’t provide justice for all so we rarely get to hear from them in mainstream media. Different opinions always help inform our own and we are always eager to hear from listeners about this or any other strand. Contact us on the tab at www.audiobookradio.net.

Today’s talk entitled MAGNA CARTA is given by the extraordinary Noam Chomsky.  In one index he is ranked as the eighth most cited person in history, right up there with Aristotle and Shakespeare.  The legendary MIT professor practically invented modern linguistics and has been a leading voice for peace and social justice for many decades.


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The very name summons up something of grandeur and eloquence – and it was. Hosted by Laurence Olivier these big name productions – also including the acting talents of Sir John Gielgud, Orson Welles and Robert Morley – were based on works by the world’s leading authors – Charles Dickens, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov and Robert Louis Stevenson are but a few of whose company we shall be keeping.  Today we raise the curtain on Zodormirsky’s Duel by DUMAS, introduced and starring SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER vol 10

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES featuring BASIL RATHBONE and NIGEL BRUCE in more of these timeless classic adventures.


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ABR welcomes Publisher’s Weekly, an authority on all things books & publishing for a look at the current bestseller’s list in the US, an interview with a successful author as well as forthcoming news for the week ahead. Their podcast is presented by Rose Fox and Mark Rotella.


We asked the same five questions to a range of writers and today it’s Turkish author CILER ILHAN, recipient of the European Union Prize for Literature whose stories, essays, book reviews, travel articles and translations into Turkish have been published in a wide variety of journals and newspaper supplements.


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Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as a go to place for entertainment and has been for decades. We take you back in time as The Hollywood ringmaster himself, CECIL B DE MILLE unveils…Mary Queen of Scots featuring JOAN CRAWFORD


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Set in the Klondike Gold Rush this adventure story, by one of the true masters of the short story, has many layers, focussing on Naas who on the night of his marriage has his wife stolen from him by a tall blonde man who he searches for tirelessly, determined to find them both.


Has been studio scriptwriter Pat Hobby is in this story employed to track down a fellow screenwriter and recover a vital piece of information about his screenplay which has unexpected, but hugely entertaining results.