Noon & 8pm & 4am


Bastion West on the Information Highway by the Wireless Theatre Company

Somewhere in the future Bastion West, the famed Bon Vivant and his friends become marooned in the internet as they are beamed from one cyber party to the next. As their identities break down their situation becomes desperate until they meet a strange entity.


1pm & 9pm & 5am


COLM TOIBIN is one of the most distinct and multi-layered voices in modern Irish fiction, noting, “I think fiction lends itself to messiness rather than the ideal, and plays well with the ironies surrounding what happens versus what should happen.” Aside from being a novelist, he is also a playwright, essayist, editor and journalist. Two of his books, The Blackwater Lightship and The Master, a novel depicting the interior life of writer Henry James, were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.  His play which he reads excerpts of & talks about with Michael Silverblatt, The Testament of Mary, was nominated for a 2013 Tony Award.


2pm & 10pm & 6am


Dennis O’ Driscoll was born in Co Tipperary, Ireland, in 1954, his nine books of poetry include New and Selected Poems (Anvil Press, 2004), a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation, Reality Check (2007) and Dear Life (Anvil Press, 2012; Copper Canyon Press, 2013).  Among his other publications are Troubled Thoughts, Majestic Dreams: Selected Prose Writings (Gallery Press, 2001) and Stepping Stones: Interviews with Seamus Heaney (Faber and Faber, 2008).


3pm & 11pm & 7am


Here at Audiobook Radio we are keen to provide a range of voices – very literally as well as in terms of opinions and views of the world. This strand created by Alternative Radio does just that. We will hear from some of the most informed minds and greatest social activists of our time whose take on justice and power does not chime with those that hold the power and don’t provide justice for all so we rarely get to hear from them in mainstream media. Different opinions always help inform our own and we are always eager to hear from listeners about this or any other strand. Contact us on the tab at   Today’s talk is given by John Pilger, award winning journalist and documentary film maker who has championed and given a voice to numerous oppressed people around the world.


4pm & Midnight & 8am


The very name summons up something of grandeur and eloquence – and it was. Hosted by Laurence Olivier these big name productions – also including the acting talents of Sir John Gielgud, Orson Welles and Robert Morley – were based on works by the world’s leading authors – Charles Dickens, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekhov and Robert Louis Stevenson are but a few of whose company we shall be keeping.  Today we raise the curtain on a play based on Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities introduced and starring SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES featuring BASIL RATHBONE and NIGEL BRUCE in more of these timeless classic adventures.


5pm & 1am & 9am


ABR welcomes Publisher’s Weekly, an authority on all things books & publishing for a look at the current bestseller’s list in the US, an interview with a successful author as well as forthcoming news for the week ahead. Their podcast is presented by ROSE FOX and MARK ROTELLA


We asked the same five questions to a range of writers – this week VALERIA LUISELLI  who although born in Mexico City grew up in different continents. She has been widely translated with her first novel, Faces In The Crowd, which received international acclaim.


6pm & 2am & 10am


Hollywood is indelibly printed in our minds as a go to place for entertainment and has been for decades. We take you back in time as CECIL B DE MILLE introduces In Which We Serve starring RONALD COLMAN


7pm & 3am & 11am


This comes to you courtesy of Miniature Masterpieces who have an excellent range of quality short stories from the masters of the craft.  Do search for Miniature Masterpieces at any digital store for further information.  This hour opens with Rudyard Kipling’s ‘My Own True Ghost Story’

Then we hear the dark humour of Saki in Tobermory read by Richard Mitchley followed by Daniel Defoe’s story entitled The Apparition of Mrs Veal read by Ghizela Rowe